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Double kayaks

Our equipment does not tolerate compromises – on our offer you will  find not only polyester kayaks and canoes but also very safe and comfortable equipment making use of  the latest polyethylene technology. We focused on the quality of our equipment and the safety of our customers !! The customer has to trust us and feel safe while canoeing – that is most crucial from our perspective. Our equipment comes from the best companies in the kayaking industry. Every year we exchange the kayaks for new models – we search the market to find best solutions concerning the comfort of kayaking trips. Check out our equipment and compare with others !! Each purchase is preceded by a test period in most extreme conditions – in case of our equipment there is no coincidence.

DAG Freeland 470

Comfortable double kayak, with a large cockpit, very good nautical conditions, incredible storage place for longer kayaking trips and as well as suited for short trips. Low weight, high durability and good maneuverability  make it is a combination of very good equipment for a reasonable price. It is also suitable for kayaking alone, does not cause trouble in running it. Sealed storage compartment provide increased comfort while kayaking and the possibility of installation additional seat for a child yallow us to organize a family trip with children!


And below the most important features: 

  • material: polyethylene, the latest development in the production of kayaks, super strong, not afraid of challenging routes, safe and secure, and most importantly: it does not sink !!

  • cockpit: open, comfortable during kayaking even for large individuals and very capacious as well

  • seat: ergonomic, comfortable, do not make people tired while paddling, even after few hours you will not feel the effects of sitting – additionally it has a displacement function

  • foldable back seats - essential in overcoming obstacles

  • possibility of installation of additional seat for a child

  • storage compartment at stern for easy loading of luggage during the trip, you can load the bow and sides (e.g., tent, sleeping pad, etc.) - impressive capacity: 90l !!

  • map case on the bow

  • specially reinforced bottom - an extra layer of polyethylene - suitable kayak rigidity and prevention of deformation

  • keel tip is replaceable because it is the most vulnerable to damage when dragging the kayak

  • special handles on the bow and stern for carrying kayaks easily

  • the drain plug on the bow enabling completely drying of water in a quick and easy way



  • lengths are: 4,70m

  • width: 78 cm

  • height: 41 cm

  • weight: 38 kg

  • maximum load capacity: 290 kg

  • storage place: 90l

Prijon Cruiser II-470

Prijon kayaks are considered "Mercedes" among the producers of this type of equipment. Top-quality polyethylene, smart design make it the solution for kayakers who appreciate high quality, high functionality and the ability to swim comfortable in all conditions thanks to the use of kayak shirts. Prijon Crusier II is a very stable and secure kayak. Comfortable adjustable backrest, footrest and tight storage compartment at the stern will be appreciated even by the most demanding kayakers. Very good maneuverability of the kayak is a feature that can be utilized to its fullest extent, even in the most sinuous river. Prijon Cruiser II is the perfect kayak for novice kayakers as well as for the very experienced ones. It forgives the mistakes we make on the river. Tight storage compartment at the stern and a very large space in the bow section will allow us to pack  even for a few days of adventure.


And below the most important features: 

  • material: polyethylene HTP !!

  • cockpit: two independent cockpits with the possibility of adding separate skirts for each kayaker

  • seat: comfortable, with the possibility of self-regulation

  • tight storage compartment at the stern for easy loading of luggage during the trip, you can load the bow and sides (eg, tent, sleeping pad, etc.) - impressive capacity: 110l !!

  • two map-cases

  • special handles on the bow and stern for  carrying kayaks easily

  • footrests – saw-tooth type which will help in the case of even the most difficult obstacles 


  • length: 4,70m

  • width: 73 cm

  • height: 40 cm

  • weight: 37 kg

  • maximum load capacity: 240 kg

  • maximum capacity: 510 l

  • storage place: 110 l

  • cockpit: 110 cm x 50 cm

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