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Brda – absolute classic

  • Difficulty of the route: easy
  • River: Brda
  • Start: Nowa Brda
  • End: Gostycyn-Nogawica
  • Length: 140 km
  • Duration of the route: 6 days
  • Number of places requiring carrying the kayaks: 7
  • Preferred equipment: single, double, canoe

Brda, also known as the Queen of Borowiackie Rivers, is a dream-come-true route for people who just begin their adventure with canoeing. Canoeing down Brda offers us everything there is to be offered: trawl that is quite easy to cover, perfectly signposted route, developed infrastructure in a form of accommodation and campsites. But that is not the most important aspect. Canoeing down Brda is extraordinarily charming. Brda route does not only mean river-related sensations  – Brda will take you to beautiful, big lakes and lead through great forests. If you are just starting Brda will make you fall in love in kayaking and force you to come back to this very place when you become a kayaking expert.

If you are planning your first trip, you want to “infect” your family or friends with passion for kayaking or you want to go back to the years of childhood memories, we recommend you this section. The entire route is well signposted, well developed and secure. It also has an excellent tourist infrastructure. On Brda you will find incredible wildlife  of Tuchola Forest, quiet, relaxing parts of the river providing maximum tranquility and contact with nature, as well as a shot of adrenaline caused rapids and obstacles.

Some places, such as reserve "Przyton" and almost the entire upper part of the route retained their pristine nature. The middle section, from Lake Charzykowskie is a quiet, well-landscaped and has numerous, comfortable campsites and station for kayaks. On the trail there is Swornegacie - uncrowned capital of the Polish canoeing. However, after passing the dam in Mylof, at the end of the route  more surprises, twists and rapids appear. Certainly  there will be no occasion to complain of boredom and monotony.

Canoeing down Brda is definitely „must go!” kind of thing – you cannot ignore this river because once you get there you know you have to come back.

Suggested route:
  1. Nowa Brda - Przechlewo OSIR : 26 km

  2. Przechlewo OSIR -Małe Swornegacie : 25 km

  3. Małe Swornegacie -Mylof : 26 km

  4. Mylof - Woziwoda : 25 km

  5. Woziwoda - Świt : 24 km

  6. Świt - Gostycyn Nogawica : 14 km
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