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Skotawa : Jawory-Dębnica

  • Difficulty of the route: hard
  • River: Skotawa
  • Start: Jawory
  • End: Dębnica Kaszubska (długa przenoska)
  • Length: 26,2 km
  • Duration of the route: 2 days
  • Number of places requiring carrying the kayaks: 2
  • Preferred equipment: single, mountain single
  • Minimal number of participants:


This weekend will be full of many attractions,  twenty-eight kilometers you will not forget for a long time. It starts quite innocently. The first section - to Jamrzyna – it is a mostly calm river, it runs through the meadows, at places there are shady willow, located in the riverbed or bending just over it. From your perspective it will mean gymnastics, because omitting them may be not simple at all due to many branches and twigs. However, after camping and staying in Jamrzyna nothing will ever be the same again. Forget about everything that has happened so far, rather about what hasn’t happened yet. The second day brings a radical change in the nature of the river -  calm water running between meadows turns into a regular river in the full sense of this word. Here Skotawa runs mainly among forest, there are stone rapids and in the riverbed you will come across trees which are difficult to overcome. Joy for the experienced ones and tragedy for the newbies. Here there is no mercy - alternative to trees is that need to carry the kayaks above piled up trees so if you are interested in light paddling, do not choose this section. It is not for you! But if you are a kayak maniac who enjoys activities involving  trees that need to be overcome, you will feel here like in heaven. Thanks to the fact that Skotawa is not visited by  many kayakers, there is no point in expecting easier to overcome obstacles in the water as there were many before you. Quite the contrary. Some trees are breathtaking due to the fact that they are relatively "untouched", that means not many before you have managed to complete this task ;-)
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