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Słupia : Gowidlino-Bylina

  • Difficulty of the route: medium
  • River: Słupia
  • Start: Gowidlino
  • End: Bylina
  • Length: 27,6
  • Duration of the route: 2 days
  • Number of places requiring carrying the kayaks: 2
  • Preferred equipment: single, mountain single, double, canoe
  • Minimal number of participants: 8 person


The beginning of this section is also the beginning of a canoe route on Słupia River. It starts quietly as you pass one lake (Gowidlińskie), then the second one (Węgorzyno). Well, and that is where the fun starts ... First you will hear what you'll see few moments later ... You will find yourselves in front of  Sulęczyńska Valley, most extreme section  of Pomerania belongs to the routes with  mountain-like features, 300 meters of stones, a decrease of the area noticeable with the naked eye, strong stone rapids  foaming water. Such an experience cannot be offered by any other section  in the north of Poland. A narrow passage of the river you are to overcome as well as a concrete wall limiting the right of bank of the river add more adrenaline. After this extreme type of fun you get off - just behind the valley there is a weir, and even if feel a great need to do so, you should not jump into it - it is very dangerous. Practically up till the end of the weekend many things are going to happen, although no more stone rapids as those you faced in the valley, however you will still have to face water  thresholds, fallen trees that need to be overcome - once downwards (under the tree) hiding in a kayak, sometimes upwards - overcoming the tree by jumping on it. Although until you reach Parchowo there won’t be a lot of water in the basin, the current in this section is strong and will certainly notallow you to get bored. And after reaching the bridge in Parchowo you can rest.
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